Shadows of Evil

Caravan to Vorrelhelm

In the day after clearing out the warehouse, several party members received some messages, all of them various contracts written up by the Kaveri, Laureate, and Church of the Eldest Wood for a coming caravan into Vorrelhelm. Sinead received message that she was to be ambassador to the Northwood Sanctuary for Myrna, the envoy from the Laureate, as she was delivering some supplies and other goods which the Sanctuary needs. Glaive received orders for guard duty for the Caravan which Sinead was supposed to be an ambassador for. In these orders was the method of payment and quantity for the job, half of it paid up front, the second half upon successful delivery of the caravan goods. Enclosed with the orders was a quartermaster’s receipt to help the party get outfitted for the journey, as well as a pay authorization for additional guard crew beyond Glaive himself. Glaive invited the party along on a five day journey with the promise of 100gp to start off, and another 100gp once they are done.
Myrna the Laureate envoy is a slim woman with dark hair, and exudes a flirty demeanor, and almost every sentence she speaks has at least a slight veneer of innuendo. She explained the route of the Caravan and the reasons why they are not simply sailing through the Ramshead Gulf due to increased activity by Sea Mother, a gargantuan shark which makes her home in the Gulf. She explains that the Northwood Sanctuary of the Church of the Eldest Wood is combating the Blight Mark, and what they surmise is an effect of the Blight mark, the Blight-Spawned. She explains the biggest threats to the Caravan are from a counterpart treasure hunter, and packs of winter wolves.
The Caravan had a detailed manifest including a shard of a pillar which arced with electricity, a cart with supplies which were to go to the Northwood Sanctuary, and two carts which basically were sleeping quarters. The first two days of the caravan travels, the party and the caravan made their way through basically a vast expanse of evergreen forest keeping an eye out for dangers to the party. Myrna was happy to discuss her travels to the Amydo and basically how she had finished charting out the island she had been tasked with exploring. She talked about a desert in the island, and the ruins found therein. On day three in the early afternoon a pack of 3 winter wolves circled the party charged Reeger, Glaive, and Holcombe. Myrna climbed to a high vantage point and drew a wand which she pointed and readied. Arianna and Sinead readied spells, and the rest of the guards closed in around the caravan, and readied crossbows. One of the wolves succeeded in tripping Glaive and began to bite. Sinead started slinging fire through a Produce Flame spell. Myrna nailed a wolf with a well-placed scorching ray. Glaive managed to push the wolf which was on top of him which retaliated with its breath weapon. With help of the fire spells from the party spell slingers, and some solid melee-work from the muscle of the party, the wolves became the next collection of skins which the party could use to keep warm through the cold terrain.
The party made it to the Northwood, noting the decline of the forest life that is spreading through the area. They met with the Lady of the Wood, the dedicated leader for the region, and learned about the blightmark, and the blightspawn. Glaive gave the Sanctuary some recipes for various alchemical augmentations which could be used to fight the blightspawn, in exchange for anti-toxin recipes, as well as a recipe for alchemical capsules which grant a brief boost to various physical feats (+5 to acrobatics pill, +10ft ground speed pill). On the night approaching the last leg of the journey where the lights of Vorrelhelm could be seen in the distance, Glaive raised the alarm as he spotted two whirlwind like creatures making their way into the carts. The creatures turned out to be Living Sleep Spells. A guard were revealed to be a changeling who had killed the guards sharing their cart, and it was revealed that a group of Tieflings as well as a man with a wide-brimmed hat were pouring through the contents of the caravan. The man in the hat gave the orders to “Kill them”. Holcombe entered the back cart to find a rapier pointed at his face. Glaive used a tanglefoot bag with a rope to remove the changeling from Holcombe’s path. Arianna took to the sky and fired magic missiles at the man in the hat. Reeger discovered the tieflings hiding behind and under carts and started fighting them as they cloaked the caravan in darkness, and Myrna was nowhere to be seen. Sinead used her shileaghle spell to make short work of the living spells. Another changeling revealed himself, attempting to poison Holcombe. After taking a cue from Glaive, Holcombe detonated the grenade trap in the back of the cart. Glaive made his way to the front of the caravan where he discovered an additional combatant, a pale elf with a rune on his forehead. From around the caravan behind the elf, a large serpentine figure with a humanoid upper half and wicked looking claws rose up behind him. Glaive brought down the man in the hat with a charge attack. The elf sent the half snake monster after Glaive tripping him with its tail. Two small spider looking mechanical critters joining in the battle ganged up on Glaive. Arianna, Sinead, Holcombe & Reeger made their way to the front of the caravan as Glaive popped four grenades in the crowd around him taking out everyone except the elf summoner and his eidolon. The summoner smirked at the party. As he moved toward his eidolon to dimension door out of the area, the party realized that he is a blightspawn. The party assessed the damage to the Caravan, and found Myrna in one of the coaches where Glaive had seen the living spells enter. Her Manifest notes were found on the man with the wide brimmed hat, and one item, a mask had been circled. Myrna states that the mask was in the very first cart of the Caravan, the one which had not yet been breached. The party collected the corpses and continued with camp for the night, knowing in less than a day’s time, they would be Vorrelhelm.

Treasure from the adventure:
Masterwork Rapier
3 Masterwork Daggers
Masterwork Light Mace looks like it is made up of a mish-mash of mechanical gears
Masterwork Studded leather – Human sized.
4 Masterwork Shortswords
4 Masterwork Light Crossbows
Scroll of Charm Monster
Scroll of Displacement
Scroll of Fireball
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (20 charges)
Wand of Magic Missile Caster Level 5 (30 charges)
Wand of Scorching Ray Caster level (24 charges)
Potion of Delay Poison
3 Doses of Antitoxin
5 Doses Taggit Oil ingested poison DC 15 unconsciousness
3 Doses Giant Wasp DC 18 Injury Poison Primary 1d6 Dex Secondary 1d6 Dex
3 Doses Sassone Leaf Dc 16 Contact Poison Primary 2d12 hp damage Secondary 1d6 Constitution
Bracers of Armor +2
+1 Studded Leather Armor-Human sized
Total XP for the Adventure per party member is 5275, which when added to the previous total of 5617
11342 or 5th level.

The Curse is Lifted

Back at the Fox’s Respite, the group of new friends gathers together over a pint of ale to discuss the day’s adventures. Many of the party members are concerned with their recent inability to gain access to the magic they have been studying. As they continue the conversation, the door bursts open and in walks a dwarf. Glaive waves to the dwarf and invites him to their table. Willem is a member of the Kaveri and took advantage of a slight warming of the weather to make his way into town. Willem has not noticed any issues with his magic, but agrees to help the party figure out what is causing the disruption.

Holcombe inquires of other guests at the Fox’s Respite if they have been having issues with their magic. The party quickly determines that anyone who stayed the night at the inn has not been able to regain their spells.

The party heads to the Spillway and over to the other side of the peninsula. Taking refuge at the Wolves’ Den (a Sea Wolf tavern), the party goes to sleep convinced that their troubles will soon be over. However, most everyone sleeps fitfully and no spells are regained!

Meanwhile, the small magical stone that the party recovered in the Spillway keeps disappearing from Sinead’s pockets and ending up in the pockets of Reegar. Eventually, the party tracks down a scroll of Identify and determines that the stone is cursed and gives off an aura of sleep disruption.

In discussing a way to remove the curse from the stone, the party goes to visit a temple to see if the priests might be able to help. They agree that for a price, the party’s help in clearing out their sepulcher of skeletons, they will remove the curse.

It does not take very long to clear out the skeletons, but the party did suffer some wounds. The priests thank the party for their help by removing the curse and then providing the group with a handful of magical items.

Once the curse is lifted, the entire party immediately retires to their beds in order to regain their spells.

Thoroughly rested, the group heads back into the Spillway towards the Fox’s Respite. Stopping by the Diabolist’s part of the dungeon, the party notices he has taken on the little boy as an apprentice. He asks the party for help in procuring a number of items – sulfer, water from a water elemental, and hell hound’s teeth among them.

Once back at the Respite, the party hears a rumor that a large warehouse has been invaded by troglodytes and the owners are offering a handsome reward for help in clearing them out.

The party agrees and battles the foul creatures. Glaive gives everyone a potion of anti-toxin, to help offset the stench of the building. The party adventured forward into a the building, hearing the doors lock behind them. They knew what they were getting into, but would they be able to get out of it? Sinead unleashed a mighty entangle spell, blocking off most of the main floor and prevented the trogs from being able to swarm. Reegar took to the second floor, and started to fight the spear throwers from the second floor. Holcombe and Glaive started around the entangle to take the fighting to the trogs, Willem offered support to Sinead, and Arriana played in the background. Sinead boldly drew fire from the trogs from behind her new barkskin spell, allowing Glaive and Holcombe to start taking out the trogs on the bottom floor, and Reegar to start attacking those on the second. Willem seeing that Sinead knew what she was doing was not going to allow the fight to happen without him, started making his way around the building. Reegar finds himself flanked, and proceeds to toss one of the trogs off the edge, Glaive slices though another of the trogs in his path, the body not hitting the floor as his boot steps on it to push forward. Holcombe takes to the second floor to assist Reegar, Willem and Glaive meet in the middle, two warriors that have shared time on the battle field together before reunited in this trog hunt, and Sinead deflecting spears chucks rocks at the entangled and helpless trogs. With a series of mightly leaps, Reegar leaps from the second floor, using the downed trog as landing pad, leaps to another set of boxes and throws a mind blade spear throwers by Holcombe. Holcombe takes out the other spear trogs and joins up with Glaive and Willem cutting through a small swarm in the middle, Sinead continues to draw the fire of the trogs, and allows the group to only have to deal with masses in small groups. It is about this time that the effects of the trog stench start to affect the party. With Holcombe and Sinead being the first to become overwhelmed by the stench while Willem fights through, the stench not bothering him, to Glaive, who did not seem to be affected in the slightest. Holcombe and Sinead break ranks, trying desperately to grab fresh air, leaving Reegar, Glaive and Willem to finish off the trogs.

With the last of the trogs defeated. The doors are opened, daylight and fresh air start to permeate the building. The Warehouse manager orders part of the wall removed to help air out the building and the party goes through finishing off any eggs, and trogs on the verge of death. The party begins to notice something about the warehouse, it is packed to the brim with unrefined silver, and other metal ores. Normally, it is easier to process ore on site of the mine, or ship in small amounts, this takes planning and money. The party is paid well for their troubles and they got to keep the small amounts of magic that trogs had one them.

Magic items from both fights:
2 scrolls of Knock (one goes to Arriana)
2 scrolls of Fireball (one goes to Arriana)
scroll of Identify
Quall’s token, tree
Potion of +3 shield of faith
Potion of CMW
Wand of lesser vigor (fast heal 1 10rds) X 10 charges
5 X sleep bolts
Potions of Bull’s STR
Wand of CLW X 10 charges
Wand of Enlarge X 10
Gladiator Gauze (free action to stop the affects of bleeding) X 2
Crawling Tattoo of Concussion X 2
Gold total of 2400gp or 400 gp each.

The Adventure Underneath
This looks like the first level of an RPG game.

The door to the Foxes’ Respite burst open, and members of the Sea Wolves come in and close the door behind them. The Sea Wolves join up with their compatriots and the ambient noise in the bar is getting louder and louder. The battling conversations between The Miheisto and the Sea Wolves is broaching a breaking point when members of each group get into the faces of each other.

Shouts, name calling and not so idle threats are passed back and forth between the groups. At the parties table, everyone seemed to look onward as the bar fight was about to break out, this was no one’s first dance, and realizing that this was not their fight decided to enjoy the alcohol and the show. It did not take long for the fight to break out, Brawlers from the land and sea, both groups took to each other, and it was not long before the small fight encompassed the bar. The bartender and Wenches were trying to take weapons so that the bar did not erupt into a blood bath, and after a nod, both sides agreed, while fighting was going to happen, it did not need to end in a massacre. Holcombe Eide noticed a glint of silver, and a man drop to the ground in the fray.

Parts of the party were dragged into the melee, while others made it to the back wall in time to avoid being pulled in. Glaive and Holcombe were pulled into the melee, with Holcombe seeking to get out fast, and Glaive throwing punches with the best of them.

As quick as the dust-up started, the brawl ended with Sinead casting entangle to slow down brawlers and Areanna used a silent image to project sunlight through the windows. People rushed to the doors to get some sunlight only to be blasted back by the winter winds. The two groups started to pull themselves together and noticed the dead body and the odd man out,literally, standing above him. Glaive being both a forgeborn and a Kaveri was looked upon as the murderer as both groups have a disdain for the Kaveri.

After some skill challanges, the party convinced the two groups that another party was involved, and found a trail leading into the Ram’s Head Spillway. Following the tracks, the party encountered some soon to be dead rats chewing on something slimy. After the rats, the party came across a sewer dwelling Diabolist. The party made friends with with the Diabolist, and let him keep doing what he was up to down in the sewer depths. After some more rats, twists and turns in the tunnels, the party came across Sea Wolf winter garb, and a bloody punch dagger.

Bringing the new evidence, and part of the under ground map back to the bar, the two groups agreed to let Glaive go, and started to talk among themselves as to what happened and why. Glaive rejoined the party and after a troubling nights sleep, the party decided to explore the rest of the spillway. The Party encountered skeletons, plague rats, slime and a suicidal gelatinous cube, all of which the party came out on top. A water trap proved no match for Holcumb, even if it was a prank between two people. The party left cultists of Ebon alone, sketching the room and moving on. The party came across a small lost child in the sewers, and promptly took him to the diabolist, who in turn told the party of the Cult of Asmodius, a group not heard of by the group up until now. The party encountered a dwarf mapping out the spillway from the opposite end and agreed to a trade for all that he had covered. Leaving just a small part of the Ram’s Snout side left to explore, the party encountered an intelligent Ogre, champion of Deal. The party made friends with the monstrous figure, to the point of him wanting the party to do him a favor.

This leaves the party with some options as to think over whether to help out the Grieving Miheisto, who these Sea wolves who braved the cold are, helping out their new friends with the Diabolist Errands or the Sunlight on my hands Hidden Ogre. Though they could take a trip to the other side of the spillway, or do they put a price on a good night’s sleep?

Treasure from the Adventure:
Masterwork Light Crossbow
5 Alchemical bolts
One magical stone
73 gold pieces
1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
2 Potions of Water Breathing
1 jeweled dagger value about 30gp

A Hero's(?) Welcome

The cold is one thing, the conditions as of late are anything but your typical cold. Weapons are freezing up, no one can do too much, and tempers are at a high. Which is good that weapons are freezing over. There is very little snow, but the wind may as well scythe through the soul.

At the tavern, Foxes’ Respite, a lone figure looks out to the outlying dock area as if expecting the weather to magically shift. It’s been three days of these boreal winds, and not a ship has docked, nor has one been sighted in days. (Internally: You know it is cold when the wolves hunker down). Glaive, turns to the group of people that have been trapped indoors, grabs a log and tosses it on the fire, before returning to a table of friends.

There are large contingents of Sea Wolves and The Miheisto who have been residing in the bar if only because it is the next biggest place next to the local inns which are already filled to people taking shelter from the cold. With cabin fever setting in, and two rowdy groups being forced to sit still, you realize the Foxes’ Respite is a powder keg waiting for someone or something to light the fuse….


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