Shadows of Evil

Caravan to Vorrelhelm

In the day after clearing out the warehouse, several party members received some messages, all of them various contracts written up by the Kaveri, Laureate, and Church of the Eldest Wood for a coming caravan into Vorrelhelm. Sinead received message that she was to be ambassador to the Northwood Sanctuary for Myrna, the envoy from the Laureate, as she was delivering some supplies and other goods which the Sanctuary needs. Glaive received orders for guard duty for the Caravan which Sinead was supposed to be an ambassador for. In these orders was the method of payment and quantity for the job, half of it paid up front, the second half upon successful delivery of the caravan goods. Enclosed with the orders was a quartermaster’s receipt to help the party get outfitted for the journey, as well as a pay authorization for additional guard crew beyond Glaive himself. Glaive invited the party along on a five day journey with the promise of 100gp to start off, and another 100gp once they are done.
Myrna the Laureate envoy is a slim woman with dark hair, and exudes a flirty demeanor, and almost every sentence she speaks has at least a slight veneer of innuendo. She explained the route of the Caravan and the reasons why they are not simply sailing through the Ramshead Gulf due to increased activity by Sea Mother, a gargantuan shark which makes her home in the Gulf. She explains that the Northwood Sanctuary of the Church of the Eldest Wood is combating the Blight Mark, and what they surmise is an effect of the Blight mark, the Blight-Spawned. She explains the biggest threats to the Caravan are from a counterpart treasure hunter, and packs of winter wolves.
The Caravan had a detailed manifest including a shard of a pillar which arced with electricity, a cart with supplies which were to go to the Northwood Sanctuary, and two carts which basically were sleeping quarters. The first two days of the caravan travels, the party and the caravan made their way through basically a vast expanse of evergreen forest keeping an eye out for dangers to the party. Myrna was happy to discuss her travels to the Amydo and basically how she had finished charting out the island she had been tasked with exploring. She talked about a desert in the island, and the ruins found therein. On day three in the early afternoon a pack of 3 winter wolves circled the party charged Reeger, Glaive, and Holcombe. Myrna climbed to a high vantage point and drew a wand which she pointed and readied. Arianna and Sinead readied spells, and the rest of the guards closed in around the caravan, and readied crossbows. One of the wolves succeeded in tripping Glaive and began to bite. Sinead started slinging fire through a Produce Flame spell. Myrna nailed a wolf with a well-placed scorching ray. Glaive managed to push the wolf which was on top of him which retaliated with its breath weapon. With help of the fire spells from the party spell slingers, and some solid melee-work from the muscle of the party, the wolves became the next collection of skins which the party could use to keep warm through the cold terrain.
The party made it to the Northwood, noting the decline of the forest life that is spreading through the area. They met with the Lady of the Wood, the dedicated leader for the region, and learned about the blightmark, and the blightspawn. Glaive gave the Sanctuary some recipes for various alchemical augmentations which could be used to fight the blightspawn, in exchange for anti-toxin recipes, as well as a recipe for alchemical capsules which grant a brief boost to various physical feats (+5 to acrobatics pill, +10ft ground speed pill). On the night approaching the last leg of the journey where the lights of Vorrelhelm could be seen in the distance, Glaive raised the alarm as he spotted two whirlwind like creatures making their way into the carts. The creatures turned out to be Living Sleep Spells. A guard were revealed to be a changeling who had killed the guards sharing their cart, and it was revealed that a group of Tieflings as well as a man with a wide-brimmed hat were pouring through the contents of the caravan. The man in the hat gave the orders to “Kill them”. Holcombe entered the back cart to find a rapier pointed at his face. Glaive used a tanglefoot bag with a rope to remove the changeling from Holcombe’s path. Arianna took to the sky and fired magic missiles at the man in the hat. Reeger discovered the tieflings hiding behind and under carts and started fighting them as they cloaked the caravan in darkness, and Myrna was nowhere to be seen. Sinead used her shileaghle spell to make short work of the living spells. Another changeling revealed himself, attempting to poison Holcombe. After taking a cue from Glaive, Holcombe detonated the grenade trap in the back of the cart. Glaive made his way to the front of the caravan where he discovered an additional combatant, a pale elf with a rune on his forehead. From around the caravan behind the elf, a large serpentine figure with a humanoid upper half and wicked looking claws rose up behind him. Glaive brought down the man in the hat with a charge attack. The elf sent the half snake monster after Glaive tripping him with its tail. Two small spider looking mechanical critters joining in the battle ganged up on Glaive. Arianna, Sinead, Holcombe & Reeger made their way to the front of the caravan as Glaive popped four grenades in the crowd around him taking out everyone except the elf summoner and his eidolon. The summoner smirked at the party. As he moved toward his eidolon to dimension door out of the area, the party realized that he is a blightspawn. The party assessed the damage to the Caravan, and found Myrna in one of the coaches where Glaive had seen the living spells enter. Her Manifest notes were found on the man with the wide brimmed hat, and one item, a mask had been circled. Myrna states that the mask was in the very first cart of the Caravan, the one which had not yet been breached. The party collected the corpses and continued with camp for the night, knowing in less than a day’s time, they would be Vorrelhelm.

Treasure from the adventure:
Masterwork Rapier
3 Masterwork Daggers
Masterwork Light Mace looks like it is made up of a mish-mash of mechanical gears
Masterwork Studded leather – Human sized.
4 Masterwork Shortswords
4 Masterwork Light Crossbows
Scroll of Charm Monster
Scroll of Displacement
Scroll of Fireball
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (20 charges)
Wand of Magic Missile Caster Level 5 (30 charges)
Wand of Scorching Ray Caster level (24 charges)
Potion of Delay Poison
3 Doses of Antitoxin
5 Doses Taggit Oil ingested poison DC 15 unconsciousness
3 Doses Giant Wasp DC 18 Injury Poison Primary 1d6 Dex Secondary 1d6 Dex
3 Doses Sassone Leaf Dc 16 Contact Poison Primary 2d12 hp damage Secondary 1d6 Constitution
Bracers of Armor +2
+1 Studded Leather Armor-Human sized
Total XP for the Adventure per party member is 5275, which when added to the previous total of 5617
11342 or 5th level.



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