Shadows of Evil

The Adventure Underneath

This looks like the first level of an RPG game.

The door to the Foxes’ Respite burst open, and members of the Sea Wolves come in and close the door behind them. The Sea Wolves join up with their compatriots and the ambient noise in the bar is getting louder and louder. The battling conversations between The Miheisto and the Sea Wolves is broaching a breaking point when members of each group get into the faces of each other.

Shouts, name calling and not so idle threats are passed back and forth between the groups. At the parties table, everyone seemed to look onward as the bar fight was about to break out, this was no one’s first dance, and realizing that this was not their fight decided to enjoy the alcohol and the show. It did not take long for the fight to break out, Brawlers from the land and sea, both groups took to each other, and it was not long before the small fight encompassed the bar. The bartender and Wenches were trying to take weapons so that the bar did not erupt into a blood bath, and after a nod, both sides agreed, while fighting was going to happen, it did not need to end in a massacre. Holcombe Eide noticed a glint of silver, and a man drop to the ground in the fray.

Parts of the party were dragged into the melee, while others made it to the back wall in time to avoid being pulled in. Glaive and Holcombe were pulled into the melee, with Holcombe seeking to get out fast, and Glaive throwing punches with the best of them.

As quick as the dust-up started, the brawl ended with Sinead casting entangle to slow down brawlers and Areanna used a silent image to project sunlight through the windows. People rushed to the doors to get some sunlight only to be blasted back by the winter winds. The two groups started to pull themselves together and noticed the dead body and the odd man out,literally, standing above him. Glaive being both a forgeborn and a Kaveri was looked upon as the murderer as both groups have a disdain for the Kaveri.

After some skill challanges, the party convinced the two groups that another party was involved, and found a trail leading into the Ram’s Head Spillway. Following the tracks, the party encountered some soon to be dead rats chewing on something slimy. After the rats, the party came across a sewer dwelling Diabolist. The party made friends with with the Diabolist, and let him keep doing what he was up to down in the sewer depths. After some more rats, twists and turns in the tunnels, the party came across Sea Wolf winter garb, and a bloody punch dagger.

Bringing the new evidence, and part of the under ground map back to the bar, the two groups agreed to let Glaive go, and started to talk among themselves as to what happened and why. Glaive rejoined the party and after a troubling nights sleep, the party decided to explore the rest of the spillway. The Party encountered skeletons, plague rats, slime and a suicidal gelatinous cube, all of which the party came out on top. A water trap proved no match for Holcumb, even if it was a prank between two people. The party left cultists of Ebon alone, sketching the room and moving on. The party came across a small lost child in the sewers, and promptly took him to the diabolist, who in turn told the party of the Cult of Asmodius, a group not heard of by the group up until now. The party encountered a dwarf mapping out the spillway from the opposite end and agreed to a trade for all that he had covered. Leaving just a small part of the Ram’s Snout side left to explore, the party encountered an intelligent Ogre, champion of Deal. The party made friends with the monstrous figure, to the point of him wanting the party to do him a favor.

This leaves the party with some options as to think over whether to help out the Grieving Miheisto, who these Sea wolves who braved the cold are, helping out their new friends with the Diabolist Errands or the Sunlight on my hands Hidden Ogre. Though they could take a trip to the other side of the spillway, or do they put a price on a good night’s sleep?

Treasure from the Adventure:
Masterwork Light Crossbow
5 Alchemical bolts
One magical stone
73 gold pieces
1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
2 Potions of Water Breathing
1 jeweled dagger value about 30gp


Fantastic recap!

The Adventure Underneath

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