Castille Hold

Of all the man made sites in the lands, Castille Hold is one marvels to behold. Carved into the mountain range, a spire leads down into the hold proper. The far side of ram’s horn mountain range is generally considered a no man’s land with large snow drifts and impossible steep climbs. The front side of the mountains leads down into a very temperate valley will hill ranges encircling the hold. Any oncoming army would be bottle-necked into a kill zone of archer, casters, and the Kaveri favorite, deep strike infiltrators.

The valley is inhabited, and a thriving trade and public face of the Kaveri sits outside of their famous stronghold. Traders, merchants, and many of all professions look to the Kaveri as a protectorate, and this stronghold is their bastion of their power. Only decorated Kaveri know the secrets to the hold, and very few know all of them. From hidden weapon and restock caches to traps sealing rooms, and other things that could section off the hold.

The hold has only seen a couple of wars, most armies that try to lay siege to the castle are met by the high walls of pure, untouched stone. The first war ended when the Kaveri stole all the supplies of the raiding army, another war ended with the Kaveri stalling until winter came, and froze out the invaders.

Few lay siege to the marvel, fewer survive if they do.

Castille Hold

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