Church of the Eldest Wood

The Church of the Eldest Wood is responsible for all huge or larger scale non-sentient monster. Example would be a colossal scorpion, or huge lumbering dinosaur. They believe that life is sacred, and usually corral larger scale monsters, though have been known to use this to threaten or persuade the more militant guilds to their side. This is highly uncommon, and has only been used when the church has felt the most threatened.

The Church has an internal hierarchy and an external one. This internal one is comprised like a senate, 17 levels, Level one is the Arch Druid, of which there is only one. At level 17, there are 17 Forensic Initiatives. Each level of the senate only has only one vote among all the people. All of the lower levels are expected to as a whole, learning to compromise and seek wisdom in decisions rather than rash actions. The Arch Druid does not usually cast a vote unless the senate becomes dead locked. Then all the evidence is proposed to them and that is the only vote that will count. This is a rare occasion, with many Arch druids never having to cast a vote in their lifetime.

Arch Druid is a life appointment, Many elves and longer living races do not seek the office, as it is frowned upon for one voice to be the only voice for long periods of time, this is due to an Elf, Sonin Moonleaf, who held office for 523 years before being assassinated. The tale is sordid, and most have tried move on from this, but some still speculate what happened and if the church itself had anything to do with the murder.

Members upon joining receive a broach that allows the player to pass plant to the city proper 1/day.

Church of the Eldest Wood

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