House Rules

Campaign Traits – Each Player is allowed to take two character traits which corresponds to the character’s background and upbringing.

Item Creation Pool – If someone creates enough items, they can actually lose out on levels. For the games that I am involved in, Characters have an item creation pool with the amount of points equal to their current exp minus any items that they have created. For Instance if you have 10500 exp and have not created an item, and you make an item $20000 (10,000 your cost, 1000 xp) you would not go down a level.

Breaking the Economy – Players cannot open up a shop to sell the items that they create, nor stockpile created items for sale in a town. Players will get minimal returns on THEIR costs, not market costs. Also, a player who has an item to sell outside of the GP range of the town will have to wait until they come across a town with a suitable GP range.

Base Attack Bonus, Saves and multi-classing – occasionally one finds themselves in a combat role with two medium class BABs, This is not an ideal path, and will lead to frustration around the table. I believe that it is page 73 of Unearthed Arcana that has BAB and Saves as fractions. If you add these fractions together you will have a better grasp of what your saves and BAB will be. The system uses just add across because it is an easier format, though you do have the fraction, like a 10th of a cent, you just need to be able to access it.

Tattoos – This is the most open ended multi-feat topic there is, so I am going to simplify the tattoo rules based on all of the current rules for tattoos. Characters can have a max of 1 magic tattoo per character level, not including crawling tattoos or single use tattoos. Tattoos are only available up to caster/manifester level 3. and each takes up a proportional spot on the body.

Forearm and Upper arm, are one spell level each, or two if used for one spell. Chest is 3 spell levels, Back is three spell levels, Quad is 2 spell levels, Calf is 1 spell level, Quad and Calf are 3 spell levels. Any of these can be broken up in to smaller spell levels. Tattoos follow the rules of rings for placement.

There are two types of tattoo. Activated and Continuous. Activated have a number that you can use a number of times per day and has an offset cost. Continuous are always active and fetch a higher cost.

Buying a magic tattoo – the cost of a tattoo to be placed is the spell level X the caster/manifester level x 800. For 1 daily use, it is only times 200, for 2 uses, it is 400, and for 3 uses it is times 600. You must have a character level equal to or greater than the total caster/manifester level of the tattoo.

Examples of this would be:
Low level Shield (spell level 1 X caster level 1 X 800) = 800gp for +4 shield bonus.
Mid level Danger sense (SL 3 X CL 14 X 800) = 33600gp for a +4 vs. traps and Both Uncanny Dodges.
High Level Precog Defense (SL 1 X CL 19 X 800) = 48000 for a +7 AC and Saves (Insight and Resist)

Spell level/point tattoos are available for 10000gp, up to third level and takes up 2 slots each. To a max of 6 extra 3rd level spells or 30 pts.

Crawling tattoos lay on top on the body’s normal tattoo, spell completion tattoos take up space of a tattoo of up to 3x the slots level. costs are 4x the cost of a scroll of that level.
Examples: Glaive has tattoos on his arms and needs to smuggle in a time stop spell into the next adventure to give his team an advantage, he could his chest, back or either leg and would pay the cost of 15300 gp to have the spell tattooed on him. He cannot have spell completion tattoos if all the body slots are filled or there is not a large enough body slot to tattoo the tattoo on.

House Rules

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