The best analogy of Kaveri would a cross of a hydra and raptor. While battling one set of heads, you never see the other set of heads surrounding you. The Kaveri are ranked and sorted into three groups. Eversti that oversees large scale groups, Joukkue that takes small groups, companies into the fray or training, and the Hammu or Specters, information gatherers, behind the scenes planning and setup, even to assassinations if the cause warrants it.

The Kaveri have worked with other guilds, though only to extend their own means. Most guilds shy away from the Kaveri for fear that they may get too powerful. Though Kaveri are a better option for muscle when needed, as well as tactical precision.

The Kaveri have several major strongholds which act as a center of operations for various regions. In the Ramshead Penninsula, Castille Hold serves at a Kaveri center. They are in a tactically advantageous location controlling the shipping lanes to the Frost Crown region, specifically in the area closest to Tundreous.

From these strongholds, The Hammu report the on-goings on a regular basis from the various cities, trade routes, and outposts throughout the region. Usually there is at least one Joukkue stationed at every small town, or in a surrounding area, and most Joukkue are always at minimum within 3 day’s travel from each other. In larger cities like Vorrelhelm there is usually at least one Eversti to which other Joukkue report to and train with at least once a month.

There is also a rank structure within the Kaveri which is adhered to fairly strictly. There is usually a badge, or engraving on a Kaveri’s equipment which indicates their rank, as well as either an associated color scheme or patterning which designates the Kaveri’s purpose within their Joukkue.

The list below outlines the Kaveri Rank Structure with a US Army equivalent
Rank, Symbol Associated, Army Equivalent
Sentry: Black sword, Private
Watchman: White sword, Specialist
Legionnaire: Red sword, Sergeant
Marshal: Silver Sword, Sergeant Major
Major: Black Hammer, Captain
Commander: White Hammer, Colonel
Grand Commander: Red Hammer, General

Organizational Benefits:
Characters who get involved with the Kaveri are able to reap certain benefits based on their involvement and dealings with them.

A Kaveri Joukkue always has a functioning forge and blacksmith shop who can repair weapons and equipment at a discounted price for a member of the Kaveri, or someone in good standing with the organization. In exchange the member must volunteer for extra duty in the maintenance of the Joukkue house.
If a PC gains the rank of Watchman, they will receive a masterwork weapon and armor of their choice with the rank and marking appropriate to them. They will also receive free healing when engaged in a Kaveri specific mission, from the nearest Joukkue or Eversti House as long as they have a copy of their mission papers. For healing under other circumstances, the Kaveri receive a discounted service.


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